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Orders and Payments

  • You can track order through your myaccount/orders page and know the status. Orders

  • You can track order payments through your myaccount/orders page and know the status.
    For any information regarding cancellation and refunds you can refer to the order page and for queries contact us through email at [email protected] Go to Payments and Invoices

  • You can cancel orders on order your order page at myaccount/orders page.Confirmed orders cannot be cancelled by you.

    1. For confirmed orders, cancellation can be made only by contacting us at [email protected].
    2. Refunds on confirmed orders are only partial depending on the stage of process.
    3. You can read our Payments and Refunds policy in Terms of Service to understand the process better.
    4. The Payment and Refund Policy in Terms of Service is only applicable on orders created on with a successful payment
    5. Cancellation cannot be requested on orders after 48 hours of order creation.
    6. If the order is close to delivery stage within 48 hours then no refund or cancellation is can be request.

My Account and Profile

  • Reset password by going to My Accounts page.

  • Email Address can be updated on My Account page.Note that after email update your account becomes inactive till you verify new your new email address.My Account

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